My first blog post

Hello & Welcome to my first blog post! The start of yet another adventure. My name is Nicky and I’m completely obsessed with traveling and discovering new places. After being on exchange in Italy for a while I took the decision to move to Argentina, where I lived and worked for 1,5 years. I have now been living and working in Berlin for over a year and It’s time to start sharing my adventures with the world!

Why did I start this blog?

I have been playing with the idea of starting a blog for quite a while now. I always thought of it as a huge mountain, or many huge mountains, to climb. Why start a blog when there are so many others out there talking about traveling? Because Universal Footsteps will be about traveling, but also about so much more. It will be about cultures, languages, and food (yes yes yes, I love to eat). And most of all, it will be my personal journey! So here I am with my first blog post. My goal is to inspire you, myself and all the others out there to make our dreams (even if they sometimes seem unreachable) come true.

What to expect?

Many many many trips and tips, photography and personal experiences. You can expect to discover a lot more about Germany. Starting with relatively undiscovered Berlin neighborhoods (such as Wedding and Moabit), connecting with nature and road trips taking you to idyllic villages. Not to forget my favorite part of Europe: the south! From the beautiful Costa Blanca in Spain to stunning Italian lake towns. But also personal stories, useful travel tips, and many other destinations. I can’t wait!

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Join me on this amazing journey

With love, Nicky

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    Proud! Can’t wait 😘

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    So excited to read more soon !! 😘😘

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    It looks amazing, the design and content πŸ₯°

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    Well done 😎

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