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Drinking beers in Cologne

In October it was time for drinking beers in Cologne, as my boyfriend and I got tickets for a concert in the Rhine river city!

When visiting Cologne make sure to combine your trip with a short stop in Düsseldorf, as Cologne and Düsseldorf are just half an hour apart and train tickets cost around 11 euros for a one-way trip.

Düsseldorf (shopping and fries)

Our first stop was Düsseldorf, where shopping is great. The Königsallee is a beautiful street full of exclusive stores (window shopping only). Luckily the Altstadt (the old town center) is full of affordable shops as well (go to: Schadowstraße and Flinger Straße). We found many shopping centers around. This was great as it was pouring rain the entire day.

A must go to is the Market on Karlsplatz (open Mo-Fri). This market offers loads of fresh products: vegetables, meat, cheeses, pasta, flowers, etc. But also many places to eat or to have a drink. It’s a covered market, making it an autumn/winter proof activity!

Both Cologne and Düsseldorf have their own special beer. In Dusseldorf make sure to try an Altbier. More about Cologne beer below!

Another great thing about Düsseldorf and Cologne is that they are located near the Dutch border, meaning they have a lot of Dutch influences. I found tons of places where you can eat Dutch fries and fried snacks. Super delicious! Especially since I live in Berlin and there are no such places over there, we had to try it out.

Cologne (beer, beer and yet again beer)

A short train ride later we arrived in Cologne. A friend of mine was hosting us and she lives in a great apartment in a super cool district (the area between Friesenplatz and Neumarkt, full of small boutiques and bars).
The next day she gave us her own special Cologne tour. Of course, this tour included drinking beer. The typical Cologne beer is called a Kölsch and they serve them everywhere around the city. I’m used to Berlin sizes, where 0,5L is the standard. The great thing about Kölsch is that they’re only 0,2L a glass, so a cold beer guaranteed (also quite dangerous as you will keep drinking).

Where to go for drinking beers in Cologne?
> Braureri Pfaffen (Heumarkt 62): typical German food and Kölsch.
> Brauerei Päffgen (Friesenstr. 64-66): a big brewery with space to eat and drink.

The funny thing is that the breweries keep track of how many Kölsch you have had by noting the amount down on your coaster. If your glass is almost empty and you didn’t put your coaster on top, then you will automatically be served a new glass. Drinking at high speed!

What else to do in Cologne?
> A stroll past the Rhine river (Rheinboulevard)
> Crossing the famous Hohenzollern  bridge full of love locks
> A visit to the Dome with its beautiful stained glass windows (free entry)

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