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Five day trips from Miami

Maybe you have seen all of Miami or are maybe you are looking for a little escape from the city. These are the five day trips from Miami that I absolutely loved:

Everglades National Park

The Everglades is a national park of around 6.000 km2 (yes that much!!) that was placed on the UNESCO world heritage list in 1979. There are plenty of excursions and activities you can do in the park, such as: biking, hiking, snorkeling, diving, or even kayaking. One of the highlights is an Airboat tour across the park. Big chance you will spot some alligators and other wildlife during the boat trip!
Website: https://www.nps.gov/ever/index.htm

Fort Lauderdale

Located just 40km from Miami you will find the city of Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately we didn’t spend a lot of time in Fort Lauderdale itself, but I really loved what I saw. Heading towards the beach you can take the beautiful Las Olas Boulevard. There is plenty going on at this boulevard, as its full of bars and restaurants. On your way to the coast you will pass several little islands with the most beautiful canals, houses and yachts. It’s worthy to rent a bike to cross the islands, as there is a lot more to discover that way than by car.
Website: https://www.fortlauderdale.gov/

Sawgrass Mills: The Colonnade

Shopping time! This outlet is huge and super cheap. It has over 329 shops and is one of Florida’s largest shopping malls. Going from affordable brands to high-end designer shops. We spent a couple of hours inside the mall, but didn’t have enough time to see everything (we even got lost a couple of times). The Sawgrass Mill outlets are quite known among tourists as well as locals. Many people buy a suitcase upon their arrival and fill it with their recent purchases (there is a lot to buy!).
Website: https://www.simon.com/mall/sawgrass-mills

Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is located right underneath Miami Beach and can be reached easily by car. It is recommendable to rent a bike and cross the island that way. Key Biscayne has large parks, stunning beaches and a lighthouse you can visit. The houses on this island are impressive and many of them have their own semi-private beach.
Website: https://www.visitflorida.com/en-us/cities/key-biscayne.html

Key West

The Keys (with final destination Key West) are a little paradise close to Miami. If you decide to make it a day trip (as we did), then I recommend you to take off early and to come back to Miami after sunset. Why? Read more about Key West on my blogpost dedicated to this beautiful place.
Website: https://www.cityofkeywest-fl.gov/

Let me know what you think about my five day trips from Miami.

More on Miami & Mexico soon!

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