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The beautiful town of Lage Vuursche

I’m back with a new blog post on the beautiful town of Lage Vuursche! Being sick and tired of corona and not being able to do much, I decided its time to pick up on blogging again. Because there’s no better moment than right now for exploring my home country: the Netherlands!

What is the Lage Vuursche?

The Lage Vuursche is a small town in the heart of the Netherlands, located only 30 minutes away from Amsterdam. The Lage Vuursche is characterized by its 18th and 19th century houses. But also by many restaurants and outdoor activities (minigolf, mountain biking, hiking). The area is very woody, therefore making it the perfect place for a day trip.

Pancakes on the go

The Lage Vuursche is actually known for its amazing ‘Pancake Farms’ (the so-called Pannenkoekenboerderijen). Yes, we Dutchies are known for our pancakes too. They’re actually a mix between the French crepes and the American pancakes. We eat them with a thick syrup or powdered sugar on top, but we also like them with different types of sweet and savory fillings. During my walk around the Lage Vuursche I saw many people sitting outside on benches or in the trunks of their cars eating pancakes from pizza boxes. A creative approach to the corona-situation for sure!

Sipping hot coco from ‘Buiten in de Kuil’

At Buiten in de Kuil (which literally means: outside in the ditch) they came up with a super inventive solution to the corona problem. As you may already know, all of the restaurants in the Netherlands are closed to visitors and can only offer take away and delivery services at the moment. Buiten in de Kuil solved this problem by placing outdoor food trucks. Walk past their food trucks, order food or drinks, take them to go and enjoy a warm beverage in the middle of nature.


Yes I know – many people got sick of walking their way through the corona crisis, but the Lage Vuursche definitely is a change of scenery. Take one of the many different routes around the Drakensteyn castle – one of the castles of the royal family where our former queen lives. It’s surrounded by a high fence, but if you’re lucky you may be able to sneak a peak at the royal family visiting.

Mountain biking

If you are looking for a more active experience, then you may want to rent a mountain bike (starting from 14 euros a day). There is a variety of routes available. You can check out the Dutch mountainbike routes via Make sure to wear your outdoor gear, as a mud shower is guaranteed.

What is your hidden corona-proof gem? Are you exploring new places close to home?

Please share!

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